Market of economic animals versus society of higher man

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Democracy is an idea of organizing the social-political-economic-cultural activities of a society with the active participation of all adult members of the society without any discrimination to anyone due to racial and ethnic backgrounds, gender, class, caste, belief, and religious, ideological or moral standpoints. It offers free ground for interactions and competitions of diverse ideas and opinions in shaping the social ways of conducting administration, distribution and utilization of economic, social and cultural resources and ensuring justice and rule of laws decided by the majority decisions. This political system functions through the process of direct voting  by the members of the society, or by elections of candidates of a party, who could represent the decision of the people. The  voters are endowed with some political and social rights as well as economic and cultural rights which are enshrined in the UN declarations of human rights, which can not be infringed by the political process of election.  The voting  is expected to be  free and fair and conducted without fraud, compulsion or coercion. It is assumed that all human beings possess the natural wisdom and intelligence to understand what is of best interest to him or her, and knows how to influence the development of the society through electoral means. that may ensure the creation of a peaceful social-political order.