Market of economic animals versus society of higher man

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Democracy is preceded by a history which has created economic disparities among people, generated antagonism and hatred against other people and culture, and carved out maximum freedom for a few at the behest of slavery of the majority. In a social reality where economic inequality among people, religious and cultural conflict of one group against the other, and the discrimination against race, caste and gender had still been the common issues of the society the ideas of democracy had risen to make room for the interests of the rising economic class. People with every background - from “blind and deaf” to the one possessing “extra perceptual” abilities - existing in a system, where the natural instincts of the animals had kept its sway of dominance of the stronger over the weaker ones,  had been given the opportunity of choosing and deciding over the way the society should be organized, ruled and governed. In such a social concept, built on unequal power of knowledge and information, as well as access to resources giving the possibility of development, the poor, the illiterate, and the uninformed had been offered the choice of participation in strengthening their  social-political-economic and cultural interests.  This process has naturally suffered  from the difficulties of the weaker population, with little education and resources, to understand the complex underlying social-political dynamics which mostly favours the wealthy and the powerful. The weaker population has become the natural victims of manipulation by the power loving elites and oligarchs who had played central roles in history through out the ages.

Democracy has thus become  a formal way of offering rights to all individuals to caste vote which, in turn, could be bought, misappropriated by methods of fraud, coerced with violence and fear, and subjugated to diverse forms of intimidation and manipulation by the powerful political thugs. In countries, which have experienced dynamic of political upheavals caused by the conquest of other people and culture, democracy has drawn forces which divide the population along ethnic, cultural, religious and linguistic fault lines. In countries where the average education level is high, there exists little or no poverty and insecurity of survival, the homogeneity culture and values remains important, and oligarchic rule is nearly absent, democracy tends to fulfil its basic ideas.  However, even in such a society, once the market forces are allowed to play  their free roles, the democracy gets tainted  by the interests of the people who likes to feed on the instincts of power, greed and dominance than building a society based on reason and impulses of the “higher man”.

The democracy, in most circumstances (if not all), tends to create a society where people compete in order to create inequalities, bring forth religious and ethnic conflicts, resort to methods which create luxuries for a few  while keeping the majority deprived.  Democracy thus counteracts the ideas of a society where all human beings may enjoy equal prosperity, dignity and opportunities of development. This contradiction follows from the defects inherent in the democratic system which does not guarantee and secure the foundation of social and economic justice which may bring equality and security to all.  Democracy often begins and ends with the rights to caste vote in a political competition where all - from the disabled to the most powerful ferocious ones - are thrown to compete in equal terms. The votes, in turn,  follow the way the powerful interest groups in the society may manipulate and make use of the weaknesses of the less informed population who may easily sell out their freedom and future in order to seek remedy of the immediate problems of survival of life.

In summary, democracy is a competition among the unequal. The proponents of democracies assume that through such a competition an optimal social order may emerge in the end which would reflect the wisdom of the human specie. The present situation, where only 85 persons in the world own more than the wealth of more than 3 billion people on Earth, exemplify such an “optimal” social order reflecting the “wisdom” of man. This clearly speaks of the contradictions of democracy.